Fund administration


Complex portfolio strategies, multi-tiered fund structures and an ever-changing regulatory environment make it challenging for companies to invest in the technology and resources required for effective fund administration. With decades of experience and scale, our fund administration services strategically position you to respond quickly and efficiently to new market demands.

Our comprehensive fund administration services are built to help you gain economies of scale and consistency of process and technology. With our solutions, we help you meet your various needs, including financial and regulatory reporting, treasury services, compliance monitoring, tax reporting and legal administration.

Our core fund administration services include:

  •  Financial and regulatory reporting services
  •  Post-trade investment compliance services
  • Tax administration services
  • Legal administration services
  • Expense administration, net asset value-based performance and other treasury services

Financial reporting
We provide you with semi-annual and annual financial statements, coordinate annual fund audits, prepare and file various regulatory reporting forms, along with preparing schedules of investments.

Regulatory reporting
We provide you with a broad product set of reporting to regulators and other governmental agencies that have oversight requirement of fund products. We also assist you with an automated data repository for collection, storage and calculation for regulatory filings globally.

Investment compliance monitoring
Our post-trade investment compliance service monitors and reviews funds investment restrictions, regulatory and non-regulatory alike. We report all findings through an online dashboard and provide support for any potential violation, warning and/or alerts to assist you in your review and remediation.

Tax reporting
We help you meet a range of tax reporting requirements such as preparing tax returns, determining tax basis information reported to shareholders and calculating required distributions.

Legal administration
We offer comprehensive legal administration services, working closely with your fund’s outside legal counsel or in-house legal staff. Our legal administration team provides board meeting services, prepares and coordinates regulatory matters and filings. We also offer day-to-day legal administration and operational consulting services and support product development.

Treasury services
With our treasury services, you can prepare fund budgets, analyze expenses, adjust accrual balances as necessary and pay fund invoices. In addition, you can prepare and deliver media surveys and calculate net asset value-based total returns and distributions, as well as prepare reports for your board of directors.

Why State Street

Combining our global footprint, 25+ years of experience and deep-rooted commitment to client service, our suite of fund administration services offers well-documented procedures, appropriate oversight, tailored solutions, and timely and accurate data that helps you make informed decisions, thereby enabling growth. We provide several forums for you to stay informed with regulatory and industry updates through weekly product highlights bulletins, regularly hosted office hours and a podcast series. As a global organization, we have experts across multiple locations and functionalized business units to maximize efficiencies for your investment funds.

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