Regulatory Information

The information contained in this section, as of 8 February 2019, corresponds to the financial, risk and capital management information of State Street Brasil S.A. – Banco Comercial. The information preceding this date corresponds to Natixis Brasil S.A.  Banco Múltiplo.

Cybersecurity Disclosure

State Street’s Corporate Information Security (CIS) organization defines and manages the enterprise-wide CIS Program. CIS partners with Information Technology, corporate functional areas, and business units to implement controls designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate information assets.

The CIS Program and underlying controls cover every aspect of our information risk environment, including architecture, networks, information systems, data, organizational structure, risk mitigation, communications and training. State Street has adopted several frameworks, including the NIST Critical Infrastructure Framework (NIST CF), and the ISO 2700X series. The NIST CF is a framework that provides a holistic view of organizational cyber security. The ISO 2700X (an information security management framework) provides more fine grain control, detailing the set of security measures being implemented under that framework.

We’ve recently begun implementing the NIST CF framework, which focuses on essential elements of a security enterprise documenting current state in each element.  This framework helps to measure the capabilities, effectiveness and readiness against target state, with the final stage being a fully identified current and target environment.



STATE STREET BRASIL S.A - BANCO COMERCIAL only provides services to institutional investors. The bank does not provide loans or other services to individuals, nor does it engage third parties to solicit individuals for the receipt of any services. If you receive an offer of retail banking services, including through internet web pages or advertisements, regarding the offer of a loan or other services from the bank, please disregard it, cease any further contact with the sender and file a police report regarding the operation of a potential scam.

For additional clarifications, follow the link on the site of Central Bank of Brazil, where you can also submit a notice of any potential scam that you believe you may have been subject

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State Street Brasil S.A. – Banco Comercial provides a dedicated support channel for customers and users of financial products services' demands, in addition to the regular commercial service channels. All inquiries submitted to the Ombudsman will be treated with due secrecy.

Contact State Street Brazil S.A.'s Ombudsman:
Brazil: 0800-866-6622
Other countries: 1-866-662-9987


Hours: From Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, Brasília time (GMT -3).

Note: In compliance with Brazilian Central Bank’s Resolution 4 433/2015, State Street Brazil does not sell or provides services to natural persons or small sized entites and entities characterized as microbusinesses and therefore is exempt from the establishment of an ombudsman organizational component.”