10 State Street Actions

Addressing Racism and Inequality

We are working to implement concrete actions to address racism and inequality at State Street and beyond.

Our 10-Point Action Plan

The events of the past year — violence toward men and women in the Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities; persistent education and economic gaps; and a public health pandemic that disproportionally affected BIPOC communities — have illustrated stark realities. 

For us, our goal was clear: We must work to help end systemic racism in our communities. Through a 10-point action plan to address issues of racism and inequality, we pledged to use our power, our voice and our capital to build a better and more just world.

"Racial inequities in our society have been left unaddressed for too long. State Street’s 10 Actions to Address Racism and Inequality are aimed at promoting racial equity in our company, our industry, and our society."

Ron O’Hanley
Chairman and CEO

Expand each section below to learn more about our 10 Actions to Address Racism and Inequality and the progress that we’ve made toward our goals.