Reaching Higher with Our Diversity Goals

Our inclusive and diverse culture defines who we are. With approximately 40,000 employees around the world, we know that our differences are what make us a stronger company. We are committed to developing an environment that offers equal opportunities to individuals with distinctive backgrounds and unique perspectives. There is belongingness in inclusion, growth in diversity and fairness in equity.

Gauging Our Progress


What’s Working and Where We Can Improve

Maintaining transparency about where we are and where we have more work to do is an important part of holding ourselves accountable. In 2020, we achieved our goals for two targets, but fell short in six out of eight goals. We have a heightened awareness on the importance of a diverse talent pipeline and increased senior leadership accountability. We recognize that we need to deepen diversity requirements across our organization and increase manager accountability at all levels of the organization.

What’s Next

We are committed to meeting our five-year 2022 diversity goals, leaning into our 10 Actions Against Racism and Inequality. We developed these 10 Actions to confront inequalities and build equity into our business, paying specific attention to our talent pipeline in Black and Latinx employees and candidates. We are also refining our talent development strategy to align with growing parts of the business.