Reaching Higher with Our Diversity Goals

With approximately 40,000 employees around the world, we know that our differences are what make us a stronger company. Inclusion and diversity is about working to bring the right people to the table so that we can have the best outcomes for ourselves, for our clients and our communities.  

Gauging Our Progress


Picking up the Pace

We firmly believe that being transparent about where we are and where we have more work to do is an important part of holding ourselves accountable. In 2019, we made progress on three of our eight targets, stayed flat on three goals and lost a little ground on two.

As we look ahead, we strive to build a culture of belonging and inclusion. This means creating opportunities to identify the best talent through a diverse slates of candidates, as well as our mentor and sponsorship program with the objective of increasing the number of women and people of color in senior positions among other programs. Additionally, we continue to evolve our employee benefit programs to match the needs of our workforce. This includes extending parental leave for adoption and surrogate births, and providing health care coverage for fertility treatments for same sex couples. In addition, we have instituted actions aimed at reducing the pay gap between men and women by not asking for compensation histories.