Making Life Better

Our values and principles help us stay connected to the communities where we live and work. To support the well-being of our communities, we’re focused on:

  • Investing in education and workforce development for disadvantaged populations.
  • Resolving issues of skills shortages, regional competitiveness and income disparity.

In Japan, these efforts specifically include:

  • Grant making to support local charities and initiatives in the area of education for workforce development.
  • Event sponsorship to support local community partners in fundraising for strategic events.
  • Global outreach to support employees in their volunteering efforts and organized activities with our community partners.

Our strategic partners and other NGOs include:

State Street Corporation extends its deepest sympathy to those affected by the earthquakes that struck the Kumamoto prefecture in Japan in April, 2016.  To support the local relief efforts, State Street donated USD100,000 to the affected areas.  (Please refer to the press release for details.)  In addition, State Street Japan has also participated in the donation program through its Fukuoka office together with the local authorities, by sending emergency supplies to Kumamoto and ensuring those supplies are reached to the impacted communities efficiently. As of June 30, 2017, our employees in Japan have contributed 538 volunteering hours in total through activities at the affected areas.

Engaging Our Employees

As a global company, we value the experiences, interests and capabilities that make our more than 30,000 employees unique. With our company-wide Global Inclusion initiative, we ensure our employees feel engaged and recognized for their unique talents and contributions to our business.

Global Inclusion has long been a strategic imperative at State Street aligning directly with our values “Always Finding Better Ways,” “Stronger Together” and “Global Force, Local Citizen."

In Japan, our employees manage networks such as the Community Support Program (CSP), Professional Women’s Network (PWN), as well as Sports and Family Clubs. These groups bring employees together around a common goal, so they can share their unique perspectives and enhance their networking and visibility across the company.