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Democratizing data access for investment firms


Kellie Smith, Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, Charles River Development

Peter Sherriff, Director of Product Strategy, Asia Pacific at Charles River Development

Clayton Issitt, Head of Alpha Client Solutions, Asia Pacific at State Street Alpha

Artificial Intelligence, Data, Machine Learning, Technology

By democratizing access to curated, role-appropriate data, institutional investors empower their employees and stakeholders to make timelier and more confident investment decisions, transform their operating models and deliver a superior client experience. However, many organizations suffer from decades of accumulated technology debt thanks to the proliferation of disparate point solutions and the siloed data stores that were created to support those systems. Against that backdrop, harnessing powerful technologies like AI, launching innovative new products and expanding into new asset classes is difficult if not impossible.

In this article, Peter Sherriff and Clayton Issitt discuss the challenges that investment firms and asset owners face on their journey to implement data democratization across their organizations, and the pivotal role that interoperability and cloud native technology platforms can play in accelerating that transition.

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