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Helping Asset Allocators Become Data-Driven Organizations


Bruce J. Feibel, SVP, State Street Alpha Platform Manager

Kishore Kottapalli, SVP, Global Head of Cloud Strategy and Engineering, State Street Alpha

Frank Smietana, Head of Thought Leadership, State Street Alpha

Data, Operations, Asset Owners, Transformation
Asset allocators increasingly require access to data on their investments, driven by stakeholder demands for greater transparency and a need to make timelier, better-informed allocation and de-risking decisions. Most critically, the fiduciary responsibilities of these organizations require deeper insight into their data to ensure proper oversight of their asset servicing and investment management partners.
Traditionally, these organizations have relied on external asset managers to manage their investments, without a process in place for accessing key data on holdings, investable cash and exposures on a timely basis. This leaves many allocators at a distinct informational disadvantage during periods of market turmoil or when analyzing investment opportunities.
A growing number of allocators are also evaluating their operating models and bringing more higher value-added activities in-house to support growth and optimize fee budgets. The ability to create and maintain a holistic view of their investment data is the first step to supporting portfolio management, risk modeling and trading internally.
Bruce J. Feibel, SVP and State Street Alpha Platform Manager and Kishore Kottapalli, SVP and Global Head of Cloud Strategy and Engineering at State Street Alpha recently sat down with Frank Smietana, Head of Thought Leadership and Content Strategy at State Street Alpha to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing allocators as they seek to extract more insight from growing volumes of portfolio, market and reference data generated across multiple sources.

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