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Capturing the Data Opportunity: Institutional Investors in the Age of AI


John Plansky, Head of State Street Alpha
Aman Thind, Chief Technology Officer, State Street Alpha
Joerg Ambrosius, Chief Commercial Officer, State Street

Artificial Intelligence, Data, Technology
Investment operations are fueled by data. Past improvements in data quality and access built the industry to its current state. But further innovations in the accumulation and use of data will transform the investment business. Institutional investors of all types understand that data is a vital resource. Data remains not only the cost of entry but also, critically, the means of differentiation and competitive advantage. Enter artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of software to perform tasks that traditionally require human intelligence, and the rise of generative AI. By enabling large scale data capture and manipulation at speed, generative AI has the potential to fundamentally reshape financial services.
This report explores the data opportunity in the age of AI for institutional investors across their entire operations. It is the first comprehensive industry study that quantifies the data opportunity in economic terms and provides insight into where firms stand in their data transformation, the challenges they face and the tools they have at their disposal.
The research is based on an in-depth survey of more than 500 asset owners, asset managers, wealth managers, official institutions, and insurance firms from North America, EMEA, and APAC and informed by interviews with external experts and partners.
This report builds on State Street’s prior research and publications focused on data use and management and technological innovation in the investment industry. Recent publications include:

Central Banks in the Digital Age: Bringing Data into Focus, Empowering Asset Managers Through Data-Driven Transformation, the Multi Asset Era Demands a Public-Private Data Model and Putting the Power of AI to work in Investing.

At State Street, we continue to invest and accelerate our adoption of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies across the investment lifecycle. Underpinned by its cloud native, open architecture platform, State Street Alpha uses AI to support portfolio construction, improve data management, and detect market opportunities in real-time. With a team of more than 450 engineers, 6 patents, and expertise from across the data science community, State Street continues to leverage technology and innovation to help enable better investment decisions.

In this report, we share our findings in the hope of contributing to a greater understanding of how institutional investors can position themselves for success in the rapidly evolving data ecosystem.

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