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FundGuard: Creating a Unified Book of Record for Investment Managers

State Street Alpha has partnered with FundGuard, a leading provider of fund and investment accounting systems and software, to co-engineer a solution specifically for State Street Alpha and our clients. It’s designed from the ground up to streamline your accounting processes and get the right information to the right stakeholders at the right time.
Supporting the Whole Investment Operation

An enterprise fund and investment accounting solution should be connected directly to the information sources that capture trading, pricing and corporate actions data to support the wide range of functions that rely on it: portfolio management, client, tax and regulatory reporting, risk management, and trade life cycle compliance.

However, many asset managers still rely on a patchwork of systems and processes to feed the same data to different areas of the business.

This is further complicated by the variety of ways in which inputs are generated. Some will be digital and cloud-based, while others originate from older, on-premise legacy systems serviced by asset managers’ internal operations teams. These systems are difficult to maintain and integrate, hampering a firm’s ability to scale up and innovate. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. What if you could get outputs for all of your teams from one solution? What if you could access a single digital book of record for trading, performance and portfolio management data? What if your system could seamlessly connect with all the disparate data sources required by your fund and investment accounting engine?


This is where State Street Alpha‘s partnership with FundGuard can transform your asset management operations. The integration of FundGuard with State Street’s Alpha Data Platform (ADP) enables broad coverage of asset classes and security types – giving your front office timelier perspectives on their holdings, exposures and investable cash. A seamless integration with the front office and back office ultimately speeds up the flow of data, ensuring pricing and trading data is immediately available for portfolio management, risk analysis, and client and regulatory reporting.

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FundGuard has created a leading next generation multi-book accounting engine and we are excited to work with them as a strategic partner within the Alpha platform to better serve our clients.

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John Plansky
Global Head of State Street Alpha
Why FundGuard?

State Street Alpha® is designed to support asset managers as they grow and innovate by providing a highly efficient and scalable front-to-back-office platform.

By leveraging cloud-based technology, artificial intelligence and real-time, multi-dimensional processing, FundGuard generates multiple books of record based on a single transactional data set, including investment accounting, fund accounting, strategy and tax. FundGuard’s functionality is highly scalable, supporting your organization as it grows. Its data science capabilities automate processes wherever possible, streamlining the flow of information, reducing errors, and improving cost efficiency. Our partnership is not just a handshake. We actively co-engineer solutions aligning ourselves with our client’s long-term strategy. State Street has also invested in FundGuard, cementing our position as a strategic partner in delivering its software-as-a-service vision for investment and fund accounting.

The alignment of FundGuard, State Street Alpha, and Charles River’s front office capabilities delivers a fully integrated platform, bringing investment professionals closer to the data they need to make better informed decisions, the systems through which they enact these decisions, and a unified book of record to support their investment process.

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