Market Insights

A New Era of
Higher Inflation?

Are today’s inflationary shocks transitory, or are they likely to exhibit some permanence, reflecting structural shifts in the world as we know it? We examine this question, and discuss the role monetary policy tools can play in a persistent, long-term inflationary global economy.

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2021 ESG Report

Advancing Our Commitment to a More Sustainable Future


Our 2021 ESG Report highlights our progress in many areas. See how we’re operating in an environmentally responsible way, launching new ESG investment strategies, furthering our 10 Actions to Address Racism and Inequality, and enhancing our ESG governance structures.


Data and Innovation

Private Funds Play Catch-Up on Scenario Analysis

Asset owners struggle with scenario analysis on their private equity investments. Our global head of private markets, Jesse Cole, discusses new technologies to improve efficiency and allow investors to focus on managing their portfolios.



Market Insights

The Weaponization of the US Dollar and Its Impact

ESG Report

Despite being central to the global monetary and financial system, US dollar dominance does not come without its own set of challenges. Learn more about the factors affecting the US dollar’s status in the trade world, and how they may impact the financial world order.

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Celebrating, and Working for, Black and Trans Civil Rights

This June, let’s celebrate Juneteenth and Pride with Pauli Murray in mind. The celebrations of Pride and Juneteenth can elevate both Black and LGBTQ+ communities. These celebrations highlight and reiterate our commitment to working for full equality for all. We all have a role in creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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