Industry Dialogue

Addressing ESG Data Demands in the Private Markets

Investors in the private markets are increasingly embracing ESG as a driver of value. With new data and regulatory mandates, are fund managers ready to rise to the challenge?

July 2021

In a recent roundtable discussion on the private markets and ESG, we brought together experts from across the industry to explore investor trends, evolving regulatory requirements and data demands.

What we heard is that the focus on sustainability and ESG, particularly on industry agnostic topics such as climate change and diversity, has investors in the private markets increasingly looking to integrate ESG into their portfolios. Yet, managers are not always equipped to provide the granular and accurate data that investors are demanding. And on the regulatory side, standards bodies are increasingly asking more of market participants. To thrive in an ESG-focused landscape, powerful analytics and proactively integrating and reporting on ESG standard will be essential.


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