ETF Insights Series

The ETF Landscape

Reflections on a transformational year and the path forward

February 2021

As we emerge from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, ETFs are poised for further growth.

In this paper, we highlight three global megatrends we expect to see accelerate across the ETF landscape, spanning fixed income, environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies and overall investor appetite. We also cover the regional and regulatory trends driving the expanded use of ETFs by investors of all types.

As our ETF servicing experts continually monitor the global ETF landscape, here’s their forecast for three key milestones in the year ahead.


ETF Podcast Series: ETF Megatrends

In this podcast, Frank Koudelka, global ETF product specialist, and Ciarán Fitzpatrick, head of ETF servicing in Europe, share their views on why ETFs will gather strength as investor preferences drive further innovation and adoption among asset managers.