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Finding Long-Term Value in a Digital Age

February 2017



The financial industry is on a mission: to find long-term value in a digital age.

Some firms focus almost exclusively on the front end of their systems — the user experience. But if this isn’t underpinned by a robust approach to data, then it’s simply a cosmetic exercise.

Liz Roaldsen, State Street
Head of Digital Transformation

But where do you start? As the industry comes to grips with a rapidly evolving set of emerging financial technologies – think blockchain, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence – there’s a dilemma. Firms are caught between simply adding the latest technologies for the “quick win” and creating a vision for the long term.

Using the insights from our recently sponsored research,* we explored how firms across the financial services industry are using digital financial technologies to reimagine their business models. What we found is that digital leaders are distinguished by their ability to deliver a more personalized user experience based on a mastery of data and analytics.

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*Source: Wealth and Asset Management 2021: Preparing for Transformative Change, by Roubini ThoughtLab, an independent thought leadership consultancy. This research, sponsored by State Street, was conducted from March to July 2016 and was based on 2,000 retail investors and 500 wealth investment providers.