Market Entry Solutions

Reimagining Global Market Expansion

With maturing markets and continued competition, big wins in asset management are increasingly difficult. And they’re increasingly rare. So how can our organizations, and our industry, continue to grow?

June 2017

For many asset managers, global expansion is essential to growth.  

In our survey of more than 250 global asset managers,* 45 percent reported increasing assets under management as the primary motive for entering a new market.

But simply offering existing products in new markets isn’t the answer. Investors need an informed, thoughtful and client-centric approach. In our experience, successful expansion calibrates the regulatory, competitive, cost and cultural environments with your expansion goals.  

To put client objectives at the core of the decision-making process, we recommend four simple components:

  • Establish a clear goal
  • Redefine reality
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Determine the way ahead


* Investor survey was conducted by CoreData on behalf of Market Entry Solutions and the Center for Applied Research from July-August 2016. The sample size for this survey is 251 (a total of 2,401 invited; a 10.5% response rate).