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Humans + Machines =
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Financial institutions are turning to powerful new technologies and upskilling talent to better inform their decisions. Because machines are much more effective with human intelligence behind them.


We help asset owners and managers decide a strategy and put it into action. We offer research and advice that give you insight. And we offer information and data management plus analytics that help you plot those results and manage risk.

We work across asset classes. We cover transactions from start to finish. And we shape what we offer around what you need. The result is that you zero in on the opportunities that create the most value.

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You are focused on meeting your goals. We are focused on helping you get there. Our new thought leadership platform provides expert insights on the latest industry trends to help you make better-informed decisions.


What's New

Investor Confidence
Decreased in April by
0.7 Points to 73.0

The Global Investor Confidence Index decreased to 73.0, down 0.7 points from March’s revised reading of 73.7. The Asian ICI plummeted to 18.3 points, falling to 80.0 from 98.3. Meanwhile, North American ICI inched upward by 1.2 points to 68.0 and the European ICI rose from 95.5 to 102.8.


State Street ESGX®

Demystify Your ESG Risk

Carbon footprints. Board diversity. Supplier working conditions. Our data-driven ESG solution helps you understand and evaluate the non-financial factors that influence your bottom line.


Data Management Excellence

DataGX® Named Best Data Governance Solution

Our data-as-a-service offering, DataGX®, was recognized as “Best Data Governance Solution” at the 2019 Data Management Insight Awards. DataGX is our end-to-end data management solution that includes data quality, data governance, data security and aggregation of an investment firm’s entire financial data universe.


Empowered Principles + Behaviors

Embracing New-School Culture

Technology continues to play a leading role in digital transformation across the industry. How can companies best handle the inevitable culture shift and simultaneously retain their core values?