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ESG Solutions

Increasingly, institutional investors are focused on aligning their portfolios with environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, as well as investing in companies that truly understand the importance of business resiliency and operations. To navigate the complexities of ESG, asset owners and managers need sophisticated products that allow them to measure, analyze and assess risk.

With growing investor interest in ESG integration, we are committed to providing a suite of solutions to complement our existing full-service model, which covers all aspects of financial risk measurement, including market risk, liquidity risk and counterparty risk.

State Street ESG Solutions:

  • Provide a multi-vendor suite of ESG data to meet your investment and reporting needs across asset classes
  • Offer transparent, streamlined and customizable ESG analytics and reporting
  • Help you navigate the non-traditional financial data landscape, while allowing integration and calculation of proprietary client ESG scoring methodologies and frameworks
  • Enable you to view your portfolios through the lens of industry-leading ESG data sets that align with your goals
  • Leverage our infrastructure and connectivity to centralize your fund and portfolio data

Through the support of our global support team and rigorous risk control environment, our advanced technology provides you with a fully automated, end-to-end experience. Delivered as stand-alone or bundled services, our ESG Solutions can be customized to meet your oversight model and provide a framework across asset types that can be configured to your specific scoring requirements. Multi-asset class risk analytics calculate security-level market exposure, sensitivity, characteristics and liquidity scores to help you gain a rich, holistic view of the ESG drivers that impact your portfolio.