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Investment Analytics

Regulatory and Industry Solutions

We have the regulatory experience and investment analytic solutions to help you efficiently meet your growing regulatory obligations. Our solutions are backed by years of partnering with traditional investment managers, hedge fund managers, institutional investors and insurance companies. Whether you’re looking for a suite of capabilities to help you support your regulatory requirements or a product designed to help you address specific legislation affecting you, we can help.

Our regulatory product solutions include:

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) Reporting

To meet the depositary, reporting, monitoring and risk needs of alternative investment managers across key markets, we offer an integrated and cost-effective range of services. We’ll help you satisfy both the quantitative and qualitative requirements of AIFMD.

Dodd-Frank Form PF Reporting

If you manage one or more hedge, private equity, liquidity or other private funds, you likely need to maintain records and file Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reports to fulfill the Form PF reporting obligation. We can help you with our Form PF reporting service — and let you stay focused on your core business.

Stress Testing for Money Market Funds

You can meet the new money market stress-testing requirement without investing in additional resources.  We offer event-based stress tests, created by our risk specialists for each SEC-required scenario, including interest rate shifts, downgrades, increased redemptions, changing spreads and even historical events. As an advisor, you’ll get a full set of reports detailing your fund’s performance with each required hypothetical scenario — helping you assess your fund’s ability to maintain a stable net asset value.

Open Protocol Risk Reporting

To help you respond to the demand for Open Protocol-based reporting, we offer solutions for both hedge fund managers and investors. For hedge fund managers, we generate Open Protocol reports, minimizing your need for additional resources or technology. And for hedge fund investors, you can use elements of Open Protocol reporting to help create inputs for enhanced proxy modeling within your risk measurement framework. Our Open Protocol reporting covers all the necessary elements, including fund and investor details; equity, credit, currency and real asset exposure; sensitivities; and stress testing.

Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) Risk Reporting

We can help you satisfy both the quantitative and qualitative requirements of the UCITS directive with your existing technology and resources. Reports in our comprehensive suite are configured and generated by our risk specialists, and backed by documented methodology. You’ll have access to a full set of daily reports — including VaR analysis, back testing and stress testing — detailing your fund’s risk profile for each UCITS reporting element.