Global Custody Services


As one of the largest custodians in the world, global custody is at the core of what we do. We are focused on the institutional business, and align our services to meet the challenges of some of the largest and most sophisticated investors around the world. We offer a comprehensive suite of custody services, such as safekeeping and settlements, corporate actions, proxy services network management, cash management and real-time reporting to help support your investment and growth objectives. We support clients across the investment spectrum, and our services are integrated with our front-to-back platform to streamline processes, maximize efficiency and reduce risk.

Corporate action services
We combine market expertise and corporate action knowledge with extensive vendor, depository and sub-custodian sources to provide investors with the information and support to manage the end-to-end process.

Safekeeping and settlement
Our deep, long-standing partnerships with sub-custodians, agent banks and depositories around the world allow us to safekeep your assets and give you the confidence you need to invest.

Network management and information
With our team of network managers, we can provide local market expertise and access to local market information, offering you actionable insights.

Account opening
Through our global reach and comprehensive market access processes, we enable you to open cash and securities accounts in investment markets around the world, and help you meet the regulatory requirements.

Income collection
We collect income on your investments and in several markets, and provide contractual income, giving you access to cash on the pay date.

Tax services
We provide the tax information you need, including a cost effective and efficient reclaim processing service, with easy access to regulation monitoring, exemptions and reductions at source. Our tax services solutions also encompass capital gains tax filings and requests for residency certifications.

Proxy services
Through our partnership with a leading service provider, proxy support is available to you in more than 100 markets.

Real-time reporting
Our client portal,, gives you the transparency you need, with current views of the investment custody transactions. This includes trade status, asset positions, cash forecasting, intraday cash reporting, and daily and monthly priced holdings.

Cash management services
We offer active and passive investment options to manage your cash, such as transaction and call accounts, along with automated sweep capabilities, repurchase agreements, treasury securities and time deposits.

Why State Street

We are one of the largest global custodians, servicing more than $40 trillion in assets across over 100 markets. Our scale and breadth of services allow us to directly connect with market infrastructures to bring industry-specific, regulatory and operational insights help you make informed investment decisions. Our goal is to deliver globally consistent capabilities that drive operational efficiency, reduce risk and allow you to focus on your investment objectives and growth strategies.

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