Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Lessons in Sustainability

We play a leading role in industry efforts around climate change, ESG investing and sustainability action, and are proud to have achieved carbon neutrality in 2020. As we continue our journey, we spoke with our head of global realty to explore how the pandemic has affected priorities and the lessons learned as we build a more sustainable business.


Our Values

Guiding Our Decisions

The lasting relationships we build with our employees, clients, shareholders and communities are the foundation of our business. One way we keep these stakeholders at the heart of everything we do is through our commitment to corporate responsibility (CR). It’s infused across our corporate strategy and values, and is an important part of our way ahead.

2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Emitting Change


As part of our commitment to contributing to a more sustainable financial system and world, the way we do business is guided by policies that reflect our beliefs. That’s why we seek to drive long-term value for all stakeholders and have set ambitious targets to benefit our clients, employees, stakeholders and communities.


Breaking Barriers. Making Waves.

State Street Marathon Sailing

We’re proud to sponsor a one-woman, one-man sailing team as they
seek to qualify for the 2024 Olympics in the new gender-equal sport,
Mixed Marathon Sailing.