Boston WINs

Boston Workforce Investment Network (Boston WINs) is our philanthropic initiative that's helping to prepare Boston youth for the workforce. No matter what path a student follows after high school — job training, two-year or four-year college — Boston WINs is helping ensure that Boston public high school students graduate with a plan for success.

How It Works

Boston WINs is a multi-year, $26 million venture philanthropy initiative led by State Street Foundation in partnership with five nonprofit partners — The Boston Private Industry Council (PIC), Bottom Line, College Advising Corps, uAspire and Year Up.

Because each partner brings a unique strength, we’ve asked them to work together to deliver the full support students need to build meaningful careers.

Our goals with Boston WINs:

  • Increase college enrollment rates for Boston public high school students
  • Help ensure that once a Boston public high school student gets into college, they are successful
  • Enhance access to careers for Boston youth, leading to stable employment and economic mobility

Our Commitment to High School Students, Undergraduates and Aspiring Professionals

When we created Boston WINs, we saw that the Boston youth who worked with our five partners were some of the most talented across our city. Our initiative helps strengthen the work that our nonprofit partners were already doing to counsel and mentor high school students. As part of Boston WINs, we’ve expanded access to both high school and college internships for Boston youth and committed to hiring 1,000 full-time employees.

Meet Our Partners

By combining the unique strengths of our five nonprofit partners, we’re creating a strong network that supports Boston youth from high school into the workforce.