Marathon Sailing
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State Street Marathon Sailing

One Team. One Goal.
One Human Race.

We don’t shy away from a challenge, or from helping drive positive change — in our company, our industry or our communities. So we’re proud to sponsor a new gender-equal sailing team as they compete to represent the United States in a first-of-its kind mixed-gender marathon sail racing event at the 2024 Paris Olympics.



Changing the Game

Mixed Marathon Sailing

A New Sport Mixed Marathon Sailing

The 2024 Paris Olympics will introduce a new sailing competition to help advance gender equality in the sport. Featuring a one-woman, one-man team, “Mixed Marathon Sailing” is a three-day endurance race demonstrating the power of diversity in leadership and the importance of resiliency.



Meet the Team



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On the heels of strong performances, we're taking a closer look at how Francesca and Jesse are working together to understand and support one another as they prepare for each race on Fearless


Tracking Our Progress

Past and Upcoming Races and Events

Tracking our progress

Francesca and Jesse will face fierce competition as they seek to qualify in the Mixed Marathon Sailing event at Paris 2024. Their journey kicked off in August 2020 in Newport, Rhode Island, and will continue in 2021 with races in the United States and Europe.


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We will be cheering on our team via the State Street Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube channels. Follow along, and read the latest news articles capturing their journey!

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