Meet the Team

Malcolm Gefter

Malcolm Gefter is the team manager for State Street Marathon Sailing.

Malcolm is a scientist by trade with a deep passion for sailing. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a postdoctoral degree in Molecular Genetics from Cambridge University.

Malcolm has taught as a professor in Biology at both Columbia University and MIT, and has held executive roles at private and public biotech companies, including founding and serving as CEO for Immulogic Pharmaceuticals and Praecis Pharmaceuticals.

Alongside this impressive career, Malcolm has maintained a fulfilling role in the sailing world. He is a competitive sailor and rower with World and National championship titles, and has funded Olympic-level sailing and rowing teams. In his free time, Malcolm is the captain of a Boston squash league team and a recreational cyclist.

Across his personal and professional experience, Malcolm is driven by a passion for confronting and problem-solving challenges. Whether it comes to genetic research in order to understand diseases, or using science to explain one athlete’s edge over another, he believes in understanding the “why” and using that to drive a better outcome. He brings that drive to help lead Francesca and Jesse to success.