Breaking Barriers. Making Waves.

Introducing Mixed Marathon Sailing

The international sailing community is making strides in breaking down gender equality barriers in their sport.

Competitive sailing history was made in 2018 at the World Sailing Organization’s annual conference with the introduction of a new official event: “Double-Handed Mixed Gender Offshore Sailing” (“Mixed Marathon Sailing”).

Mixed Marathon Sailing is a first-of-its-kind sailing discipline that provides competitors of all genders equal footing in showcasing their skills at sea. Teams of two (one woman and one man) work together side-by-side and rely on each other as they face a challenging two- to three-day race. To succeed, both sailors will need to equally demonstrate unmatched sailing skills, coastal tactics, risk management, bravery and determination. They will make important decisions — at times together, at times alone — requiring immense levels of trust and collaboration not often seen in the sport.

We are proud to sponsor this team, and to be a part of this historic change.