Supporting Gender Diversity in Sports

State Street Marathon Sailing

We have built our success on a foundation of strong company values that champion the qualities of teamwork, inclusion and trust, along with a focus on transforming for the future.

When our oldest ancestor, the Union Bank, opened its doors in 1792 amid heavy competition, skeptics bet that the bank would never issue a bill. We worked hard to distinguish ourselves from our competitors through transparency, trustworthiness and commitment.

Today, we are proud to be a leader in the financial sector, striving to anticipate global shifts and evolving to help our clients thrive. Over the last decade, this leadership has included taking a stand for greater diversity and inclusion in finance. In 2017, we made a public statement for female leadership when State Street Global Advisors placed the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street to bring attention to the lack of women on corporate boards.

Continuing on the path toward gender equity, we are proud to sponsor a two-member sailing team of one woman and one man on as they race across the elite international sailing circuit. State Street Marathon Sailing’s team — Francesca Clapcich and Jesse Fielding — will compete together on the “Fearless” boat across the globe.

We will follow their journey, witnessing first-hand their training, risk taking and management, innovation, resilience and fearlessness in action. With its goal of advancing gender equity in the sport, Mixed Marathon Sailing demonstrates the power of collaboration and why diverse teams are winning teams.