Sustainability and impact reporting, policies and disclosures

As one of the world’s largest financial services providers and managers of institutional assets, State Street’s success depends on the success of our stakeholders — our clients, investors, employees, partners, vendors and the communities we serve. We are committed to supporting our clients in their sustainability journey, building and protecting long-term value for our investors, being an industry-leading employer of choice, and helping to enable the growth of communities where we live and work alongside economic prosperity in the broader global context in which we operate. These commitments, along with our objective of meeting the expectations of our regulators, inform our sustainability strategy.

We are pleased to share the outcomes and impact of our efforts with you.

Our progress
While the thinking around the concept of sustainability has been around for generations, the acronym ESG — for environmental, social and governance — was first introduced in the early part of this century as an organizational framework intended to simplify how an organization would manage various sustainability issues, particularly as investors incorporated non-financial information into their decision-making. The world has vastly changed over the past several decades, however, well beyond the effective reach of a single acronym to comprehensively organize all the issues that impact today’s complex operating environment. We expect this complexity to only increase with time.

We believe the understanding and management of these complexities are better described under the rubric of sustainability. As such, we have renamed what had traditionally been our annual ESG report to better reflect how we have begun organizing our own strategic priorities according to that broader principle.


Environmental sustainability

Human rights and civil rights

Operational resilience

Employee experience

Supporting our clients’ sustainability journey

As an asset manager:

Sustainable investing strategies:
Whether our clients are focused on risk management, responding to new regulations, making investments that align with their values, or seeking to enhance long-term performance, our sustainable investing capabilities can support clients in achieving their sustainability objectives and investment goals.

For information about State Street Global Advisors’ asset stewardship program, please visit this site. As an investment servicer:

As an investment servicer: