How State Street Alpha’s Strategic Partnerships Can Benefit your Business

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Investment organizations of all kinds face secular headwinds. Increased competition, commoditization of returns, fee and cost pressures, and a constantly evolving regulatory environment all pose challenges to generating alpha, servicing clients and bringing differentiated products to market.
Why We Partner:

At State Street, we know how important it is to get the best out of your operational infrastructure, from the front office through to the back office. That’s why we created State Street Alpha, the investment industry’s first fully integrated, open architecture, front-to-back operational platform.

Launched in 2019, Alpha is designed to support growth and innovation for investment managers, wealth managers, and asset allocators. With Alpha, you can focus on investment and distribution while conducting investment operations in a centralized, secure, efficient, and cohesive way.

Alpha now serves the largest and most complex investment managers globally, providing the backbone of their technology, data management, and operational infrastructure. Within Alpha, we also partner and collaborate with leading data, analytics, software and service providers to ensure your preferred providers are fully and seamlessly embedded into our platform. We co-engineer solutions with them to evolve market structure, drive data and integration standards and shape services to help improve your firm’s productivity and drive operating efficiencies.

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Our partner ecosystem enables clients to seamlessly access external data and analytics, applications and liquidity venues that support the demands of their product and asset class mix.
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Swati Verma
Chief Commercial Officer
Supporting Your Use of Data

Quality data is one of the most important assets for a modern investment organization. To support your access to the best data available, we developed the Alpha Data Platform (ADP) – a curated ecosystem of third-party data and a one-stop shop for investment information across the front, middle, and back office.

ADP offers a single solution from which to access a wide range of data sources, tailored to your needs and leveraging our scale to manage and access data in a more efficient way. By partnering closely with companies such as Rimes, FactSet, MSCI, and Qontigo, ADP gives your portfolio managers, analysts, risk managers, and distribution staff the information they need, when they need it.

Supporting your Growth and Innovation

State Street Alpha’s aim is to create a seamless experience for you and your clients, supporting all parties through your organization’s growth, evolution, and entry into new markets.

We are constantly expanding the functionality we offer through Alpha. For example, we acquired Mercatus to create Alpha for Private Markets, a fully integrated front-to-back platform supporting firms that manage private assets – a key growth area for many organizations – as well as support their needs spanning public and private strategies. In addition, we have supported clients launching new growth vehicles such as exchange-traded funds and separately managed accounts.

Alpha is not just about our partnerships. Built on an open architecture, Alpha enables clients to incorporate internally sourced analytics, data and applications to support the unique demands of their investment process and product mix.

State Street Alpha can play a transformative role in improving how you attract, retain, and engage with your clients, bringing improved service levels, faster response times, and a more efficient and cohesive operating model.

Platforms, Ecosystems and Interoperability: A New Paradigm for Investing Managers
Open architecture platforms that support interoperability with a diverse ecosystem of 3rd party solutions have the power to drive transformational value.

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